Miracle Trees: Violated

Photo by eleonora on Unsplash

Without excusing myself from Cora and Gage, I walked away. Walter continued with details about Mom and the state of the house as I walked to Betsy. I had met Walter when I moved back in with Mom, but had rarely interacted with him.

“She’s in pain, but stable. The paramedic thought surgery would be needed,” said Walter.

Tears stung my eyes. “How badly was she hurt?”

“Her leg was broken and maybe her hip, too.”

I tasted tears and wanted to scream. It only happened because of my stupidity. If I hadn’t tried to help Alex, none of this would have happened. Mom would be okay and I’d be griping about doing too much yard work.

“Are you still there, Mike?”

I took a jagged breath. “Yeah, I’m here.” My voice cracked slightly.

“Your mom wants you to lock up the house. She was out of sorts because the police officer wouldn’t let her lock the house before the ambulance left with her. They told her a neighbor could watch it until you got here.”

I cleared my throat. “Is there anything else that I need to know?”

Walter said, “She kept saying that someone pushed her down the stairs, but there was no one here. The police claimed they didn’t find any evidence that she had been pushed.”

My eyes stung. I let my head rest against the seat.

Walter grunted then said, “I’ll be waiting on the porch.” Then he disconnected the call.

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