Miracle Trees: Prey

Photo by Des Récits on Unsplash

As the ransomware clock ticked down from forty-eight hours, I sat at the desk puzzling how to find Alex. It’s clear there’s more than one person looking for him. There’s the menacing guy who wants his money. Now, there’s someone else he promised some information. I rubbed my tired eyes and checked the time. It was only a little after four.

A noise in the alley made me jump. My heart pounded as I looked around the room for anything I could brandish as a weapon. A few books and a chair wouldn’t do much to take out an intruder. There was more rustling in the yard. I peered out the window and allowed my eyes to adjust. The moon cast odd shadows, but there was no movement. Then a thump from the direction of the garage caused me to jump. In the periphery, a small shape dashed from the corner of the garage towards the front of the house. A shadow cast from above followed.

A screech followed by what sounded like an animal screaming in pain. Silence. An owl swooped past the window with a small animal in its claws.

I dropped into my chair and sighed with relief. Damn, I’m jumpy. I’ve got to keep my wits about me. Scanning the room, there was little that could function as a weapon. I could throw the two childhood sports trophies Mom had kept. Unfortunately, they are no bigger than my fist and I’m not confident of my aim.

Why couldn’t she have saved the old hockey stick and pucks? At least a hockey stick would have given me some distance. But only if they don’t have a gun. A gun? Cora’s helper had a gun.

A hand touched my shoulder. I jumped and knocked the chair over. I yelled as I snatched the chair from the floor and raised it above my head.

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