Miracle Trees: Ransomware

Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

Worry that the menacing stranger would return during the night kept sleep at bay. We left all the lights on outside and on the main floor of the house. Except for the sounds of the katydids and grasshoppers, it was quite outside. The only sound inside was Mom’s steady snores.

Would Mom have been so brave with the stranger if she knew what I know? Would she be sleeping so soundly? If anything happens to her because of my mistakes, I’ll never forgive myself.

The tossing and turning came to an end a little after two when I turned on the laptop. At least I could do something productive. I opened the files for the tire company in Baltimore. I had only had three more days to create five logo designs. After a few minutes I closed it. My mind wasn’t willing to do their logos or any of my clients’ requests.

My thoughts continued drifting back to the flash drive containing Alex’s files. I inserted it in the computer. Something about Gage Sunderson and lasers was familiar.

I pulled up my recent search history on Gage Sunderson. There is a video link, but I was afraid of waking up Mom. My mind is foggy and I can’t trust that the settings are so the volume would be off.

The Donor folder on the flash drive looked interesting. Files for a Penmark Petroleum were at the top of the list. The first file indicated millions of dollars had been donated to Clime Biologix to fund clean environment projects. Another showed Doug Johnson shaking hands with the Evan York, the CEO of Penmark Petroleum. Five years ago, they signed a ten-year research contract to modify plants with the goal of cleaning the environment.

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