Miracles Trees: Calling His Bluff

He was already a few steps past me when I called out, “There’s no power at the house.”

Alex went straight to Betsy. I stopped by the service desk to confirm that I could continue using the truck. Alex leaned on the horn as I left the building.

“You’re wasting time. If you left the keys in here, I would have been gone,” he shouted at me as I got in.

“And you would have been arrested for auto theft. I’ll take you to the library.”

A block away from Jansen’s I began grilling him. “Because you’ve involved me in this, I deserve to know what kind of trouble you’re in. Were you beaten up because you owe someone money?” Silence.

I gripped the wheel tighter. “Were you beaten up because you didn’t deliver something on time.” More silence from Alex as he stared out the passenger window.

My jaw ached from clinching it so tight. I wanted to ask how Cora was involved in this, but I can’t let it slip that I know about her. “Fine. There’s one stop I need to make before the library.”

I turned the truck in the opposite direction. Alex stiffened, but said nothing. We continued for a few more blocks before we stopped in front of the police station.

Alex glared at me. “Why are we here?”

“Someone threw a brick through the window of the SUV. It’s likely that’s how the windows were broken and not by the storm. JJ suggested I file a police report.”

He lurched towards the steering wheel. I switched the engine off and yanked the keys out. “You can do that after the library,” he bellowed.

“First, you tell me what is going on. I want to know why you’ve put my life on the line. Is my mom in danger?”

He shook his head and put his hand up to his ear like he was listening to something. “No. No more of this BS.” I pulled my phone out, shut it off, and then shoved it back into my pocket. “There. That’s as much as you are getting from me. Now start talking.”

“Someone needs a file from this card. I need money for a bill. That’s all you need to know.”

“How much?” Alex looked out the window. He began shaking. “How much?” He shook his head.

“Fine.” I opened the door to get out.

He grabbed a hold of my arm. “Fifty grand.”

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