Miracles Trees: Calling His Bluff

Photo by Ivan Shemereko on Unsplash

I watched my old classmate who I thought I knew well. I had even considered him to be a friend, but now someone I don’t trust. He clutched the SD card and rocked back and forth. Little about him resembled the happy, outdoorsy kid that I grew up with.

Unless I get my backpack, the same will to happen to you. Alex’s words rang in my head. What had happened to him? Did Cora’s thug do this? Maybe she found out about the dirt he has on her and then threatened him. Or, did someone else? The card contains incriminating files on a number of people and organizations.

Approaching footsteps scuffing against the pavement pulled my focus from Alex. JJ had a clipboard and pen so I could approve the work order for my SUV. His footsteps stopped and he whispered, “Are you sure I shouldn’t call for an ambulance?”

I turned and took a few steps away from Alex, hoping he wouldn’t hear us talking. “He’d likely refuse it. Now that he found what he so desperately wanted, maybe he’ll agree to be checked out.”

“I hope so. He’s not looking very good,” JJ said, never looking away from Alex. He took the signed form and his eyes widened as he stepped backwards. “I’ll let Bear know he can get started on the repairs.” Then he hurried away.

“I need a computer,” Alex said. He was on his feet and struggling to get into the SUV.

“If we go anywhere now, we’ll have to take Betsy. And you need medical attention before we do anything else,” I said.

“NO!” Alex shook from head to toe. “We need to send a file from this.” He held up the SD card and shook it. “I’d like to stay alive.”

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. “When did you become we? Why have you involved me? Am I in danger? You dragged me into a restricted are in the BWCA. Then I was threatened with possible charges as an accessory to crimes you may have committed.”

Alex didn’t answer. He only stared at me until I squirmed inside. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I shifted my gaze.

“How will money help you if die from your injuries? Your injuries need to be treated.”

He raged again as he got out of the SUV and slammed the door. “If I don’t send the file, I won’t have to worry about that. You have a computer. I need to use it. Let’s go.”

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