Miracle Trees: Forest Trip

Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

I pulled into a parking spot at Ole’s Burgers and More and shut the engine off. Its outward appearance and menu were designed to entice tourists. For locals and the adventurous tourists, there were wild rice side dishes and walleye sandwiches. For the timid there were basic sandwiches. The city council refused to allow national chain anything into the area.

Alex refused to get out of the SUV. “They have a drive-thru. We should eat on the way. It will give us more daylight to look at the damage in the forest.”

My stomach knotted. Breakfast no longer sounded appetizing. “Okay.” I cranked the engine and put it into gear. We ordered our breakfast sandwiches at the drive-up window and were on our way in just over five minutes.

The greasy smell of hash browns and sausage biscuits roiled my stomach. The coffee had even less appeal. Alex ate his sandwich in about four bites; the hash browns disappeared shortly after that.

“We should have gotten a second one for you,” I said. “You want half of mine?”

Alex grunted. “You’d best eat it. Don’t leave it uneaten in here unless you want a third passenger on the way back.”


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