Miracle Trees: A Plea For Help

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

I pulled into the library parking lot five minutes before it opened, hoping to catch Alex arriving. After waiting five minutes and no vehicle pulled into the lot, I walked around the building to the front doors.

A person in a faded farm supply cap was curled up a corner of the lobby with a rolled-up sleeping bag serving as a pillow. The grubby cap hid the person’s face. I chose not to disturb them and stayed near the outside doors.

As I watched for Alex, a woman and a leashed dog walked by on the sidewalk across the street. No cars drove past or pulled into the lot. No was walking from the parking lot. He’s ghosted me. A shuffling sound from the person in the corner startled me.

I turned to see Alex adjusting the hat to rest on top of his head. “You’re homeless?”

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