Secret Santa

Photo by J K Metz

I began assembling the gift box for Kasem, our neighbor from three doors down. He’s a kind young man who has helped so many including us. One day I was struggling to simultaneously bring the groceries and TJ, my sleeping four-year old son, into the house. Kasem was walking his dog, Sparky, and noticed my difficulties. He scooped up the bags of groceries and walked to the door with them. He waited outside the front door with the groceries until I had settled my son on the couch.

He so polite and doing nice things for the other neighbors in our townhome complex. Elderly Ms. Dowd in a nearby building locked herself two summers ago. She had left her phone and keys inside. Kasem noticed an open window and offered to crawl through and unlock the door. She was so relieved that she tried to pay him. He waved it off so she gave him a hug and said if he ever needed anything to just ask.

“Momma. Momma, Kasem is walking Sparky,” shouted TJ as he banged on the sliding glass door. He alternated between the banging and animatedly waving at the pair.