Wondra Animate

In a short time, the nanobot infused clay had the crude shape of a small bird. He tried multiple configurations with the app to adjust the shape, details, color, and function of his sculpture. Then settled on the appearance of a canary.

An hour after Michael had unwrapped the gift, his mom stood in the doorway to his room. “We haven’t even sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to you yet. Come back downstairs.”

He turned towards her with a yellow bird perched on his finger. After he tapped his tablet and the bird chirped ‘Happy Birthday’. “That’s okay, Otis just did.” The bird blinked and tipped its head back and forth at Lynn.

She took a step back as she gasped. “How did that get in here?”

“Don’t you see? I made him out of Wondra Animate. I’ve got to show Aunt Jo.” He jumped to his feet and started for the doorway. Lynn shrieked.

The bird’s color changed to red and it launched from Michael’s finger. It flew at Lynn’s head before turning to fly between her and the door frame. Michael ran past his mom. They both ran through the hallway, down the stairs, and finally into the living room.

Jo sat on the couch staring at the bird. It was now perched on one end of the curtain rod its color having returned to yellow. It chirped and tipped its head back and forth at her.

“Mom screamed and scared him. Didn’t Otis turn out great?”

Before Jo could form a response, Lynn rushed into the room with a towel. “Where is that abomination?” She scouted the room before noticing Michael and her sister were staring at the window. She slowly tiptoed towards the window.

“Don’t hurt him!” cried Michael.

“It isn’t alive. There’s no way I can hurt it.” Without taking her eyes off of it, she shouted at Jo, “This is why I didn’t want that thing in the house.”

Michael opened the front door and called to the clay creation. “Come on, Otis. Don’t let her get you.” He waved frantically. The bird flew past him and out the door.

Lynn rushed over, yanked Michael back, and slammed the door. “Good riddance.”

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