Election Day

Photo by J K Metz

Why does my first Presidential election have to be in 2020? For months, the news outlets have pumped out conflicting info on an hourly basis. The noise from social media has been deafening. One of those bits of info – the possibility of mailed ballots not making it in time to be counted.

Because of this, I waited to vote in person. That nearly proved disastrous. The bakery I work at closed a week ago last Sunday because of an outbreak. I immediately went into quarantine and took my first nasal swab test that day. The anger I felt towards myself for screwing up my chances to have my voice heard made my anxiety worse. I should have risked voting by mail.

Then yesterday morning I got a call that my second test was also negative. I was cleared to go back to work. Yes! I will get to vote after all.

I took a sip of coffee as I turned into the very full parking lot. This is not what I expected. There was so much talk about most people had already voted as absentee and by mail. Most in my district must have decide to vote in person. I finally found a parking spot in a far corner.

As I shut the car off, I noticed my sweaty palms and sour stomach. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath knowing I’d feel better once my ballot is cast. I tucked a small tube of hand sanitizer in one pocket of my light jacket. Then put my cell phone and AirPods in the other. I double checked that my utility bills and license were in the inner pocket of the jacket. I took another sip of coffee and then put a piece of gum in my mouth before securing my mask.

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