Learning To Be Human

“Quit joking,” he scolded.

“I’m serious. In fact, those moons look more like . . . suns,” I said in amazement.

The phone crackled briefly, then the signal dropped. The landscape continued to become stranger by the mile. It was near sunset. This area, normally a long stretch of empty highway between corn fields, glowed a deep purple glow with blue outlines. The suns resembled black lights and the landscape a piece of glow in the dark artwork. In place of the cornfields, tall, purple mushroom shaped buildings minus the stems, windows and doors outlined in glowing light blue. Look at all these people. Oh, no! I don’t want to hit those people!

I slammed the brakes, spinning tail end first one hundred and eighty degrees, and skidded to a stop. I looked around to see if anyone had been hurt. Everyone seemed to be okay. These were people, but they didn’t look human. They were five foot tall purple blobs. Eyes on stems that sat on the top of each blob. Glowing blue markings distinguished them from each other. They have no arms or legs, moved around by floating an inch so above the ground. Everyone seems so happy. It’s a homecoming party for me!

Greetings flood my mind telepathically in feelings and emotions instead of words. The closest human words to describe the feelings – overwhelming joy and love. Now, I floated out the car window and discovered I’m a blob, too. A few floated forward, surrounding me in a loving embrace of thoughts and emotions. I had been away a long time learning to be human. They told me I had done well. I’m finally home.

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