Wrong Way Wade

Photo by Veenit Panchal on Unsplash

“Hey, do you work in the mall?” asked a woman with a small child. Wade nodded. “Good. Where’s a bathroom?”

Wade had only worked there a week. So, he looked around until he spotted a map kiosk and motioned for her to follow. His finger landed on the pink dot that said ‘You are here’ and then pointed to the nearest bathroom. She thanked him, then walked in that direction.

He looked at the map again because, now, he didn’t know which way to go. Do I need to go left or right to get to ‘Games and More’? Why don’t they put the store names on the spaces located on the map? Matching the address numbers and categories to find the store was too difficult. He glanced at his phone. Ten minutes left before his shift started. He went right because of the barely visible sign the same color as ‘Games and More’. When he reached that store front, it sold candles; the aroma made him sneeze. Since the mall is a large circle, he didn’t turn around. I’ll eventually walk by it. With one minute to spare, he breathlessly walked into the store.

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